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Welcome to WTX Mountain Fitness

Outdoor Proficiency, Preparation, and Performance

What we do in a nutshell: Training for outdoor pursuits and unexpected challenges.
Take on all the outdoor adventures Wyoming and Montana have to offer with confidence by breaking down the barriers to activities like backpacking, hunting, or skiing. Many would-be-enthusiasts face obstacles due to a lack of wilderness skills or fitness levels, hindering their enjoyment and keeping them in the house. Our tailored programs are designed to empower individuals, providing the necessary survival skills and fitness training to master planned adventures and navigate unplanned situations. If you don't know where to start, you're in the right place, and our courses will equip you with the knowledge and preparedness to venture into the wild with confidence and make every experience a rewarding journey.

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WTX Classes & Adventures

Targeted skills classes and more intensive guided day camps around the Bighorn Basin for beginner and intermediate-level adventurers utilize a holistic approach of learning outdoor skills and bushcraft with an awareness of the physical requirements to perform in rugged terrain or tough situations. The schedule changes often, so click HERE to see what's currently offered and sign up.

Not-Just-Personal Training & Nutrition

Custom programs designed for your individual goals that take a more comprehensive approach, including incorporating outdoor skills and learning how to be ready for anything. Training sessions can be outdoors or at your location and remote/online coaching is also available. Click HERE to see our options and pricing.

Online Courses

Currently offering extensive programs on wilderness skills and at-home preparation. We have everything you need to fully equip yourself for the great outdoors from wherever you may be located. Click HERE to check out our courses.

Transform Your Outdoor Experience

Comprehensive Programs for Wilderness Skills, Survival Training, and Fitness

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Prepare Now, Thrive Later.

Our flagship program which encompasses the four primary "pillars" of living a healthy and prepared lifestyle- physical fitness, nutrition, wilderness/survival skills, and at-home preparedness.

  • Personal Training - Elevated

    Custom workout programs designed for where you are, but with a focus on functional exercises to help you excel in the outdoors or under unknown circumstances. Coaching sessions are outside or online based on your preference and location.

  • Nutrition Plans Simplified

    Eating and fueling your body doesn't need to be complicated. We stay away from fads and focus on the fundamentals. If it's a "diet", it's temporary, and your results will be too. We help change your way of eating.

  • Wilderness & Survival Skills

    Weekly lessons that include desert survival, putting up a tent, reading topo maps, plant identification, and anything/everything in between. We'll give you all the resources you need to ensure you're prepared for all your outdoor adventures (planned or unplanned).

  • At-Home Preparedness

    Weekly lessons including food storage and procurement, home security, and invaluable tips and tricks to get it all done efficiently and affordably. Know you and your family will be safe and fed in the face of an unknown future.

Bespoke Training & Nutrition Programs

Ready to take your outdoor adventures and overall well-being to the next level? We're here to help you do just that. Whether you aspire to conquer mountains, hone your wilderness survival abilities, or simply optimize your health and fitness, we will craft a program tailored to your unique goals. With a focus on sustainable, clean living and a deep respect for the natural world, we invite you to discover the life-changing benefits of embracing an active, outdoor lifestyle.

  • What kind of training does WTX offer?

    • Activity-Specific Training Programs: Condition your body and mind for pursuits like backpacking/mountaineering, skiing, or even hunting, using a program designed to meet you where you are to get you where you want to go.
    • Traditional Personal Training: NASM-Certified personal trainers will design efficient programs to maximize your fitness and meet your goals.
    • Wilderness & Survival Skills: Reconnect with nature and learn skills like navigation, foraging, first aid, fire building, and shelter construction.
    • Tailored Nutritional Guidance: Follow a custom (clean!) nutrition plan designed to optimize your health and energy.

  • Complete Customization

    Adjust the number and frequency of your sessions to fit your schedule and needs. In-person sessions can be in the great outdoors or at your location (if you live in Northern Wyoming/Southern Montana). Online sessions via Zoom are always available regardless of location. Workout programs are delivered in one convenient app, so you can train at home, at the gym, or on the go.

  • Schedule a Free Intro Call

    Book a comprehensive consultation free of charge – ensuring your journey is perfectly aligned with your goals from day one.

UWyo Outdoor Guide Certification
NASM Certified
Montana Outfitters and Guides Assn
UWyo Outdoor Guide Certification
NASM Certified

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Whether you're seeking guidance on mountaineering, eating well and boosting your overall fitness, or preparing your home and family for any future challenges, we're ready to equip you with the skills and knowledge to elevate your life. Let's connect and create a personalized training plan that aligns with your goals.